The company S.B.S. Skibiński BUILDING STRUCTURES has been on the market since 2001.

The acquired experience in the supervision of construction contracts both large investments and in private housing for Polish and foreign investors allows for effective management of the construction process. We strive to each project, it must be a success for the investor and our company.


The company S.B.S. Skibiński BUILDING STRUCTURES works in various fields related to the construction industry. Construction is defined by the area of human activities related to building construction. Combining this definition with a huge range of laws, regulations, agreements, guidelines, standards, technical conditions, we know how big the challenge is to get through the thicket of issues. Our company taking on the task always strives to assist the investor in technical issues and in the vastness of the building regulations. We make service to our clients also in English, German and Russian languages.

We actively participate in the life of the Wielkopolska District Chamber of Civil Engineers. We often participate in organized trainings. As a member of the Commission for construction processes, we are up to date with problems related to the construction industry but also with planned novelties in regulations and laws. Often, in such an esteemed group, we give opinions on various types of legislative proposals.

Our last achievement is joining the American Society of Civil Engineers as well as the program Engineers without borders. The possibility of communing with the latest technologies and solutions from the USA as well as the possibility of contact with engineers from the USA and other countries gives us the opportunity to look at the construction industry in Poland in the future.

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