Each construction contract is a new experience for us and acquiring new knowledge. Although any construction consists of identical components, we often meet with new experiences, which are our knowledge for the future. At the same time gradually we participate in the branch trainings, especially organized by the Wielkopolska Association of Civil Engineers.

We also participate in training related to customer service and time management to constantly improve the service to our investors.

Steel structures in industrial construction – innovative technologies.
Health and safety requirements and authorizations for participants in the construction process. Fire safety at the design and implementation stage construction objects – the most common errors
The concept of construction, extension, superstructure and other – a catalog of differences based on the current jurisprudence and the consequences of proper qualification.
Site Supervisor in the construction process – responsibilities and privileges in the light of building law and implementing regulations.
Practical (computer) workshops on the use of the BIM system in construction.
New technologies and materials improving the acoustic parameters of rooms.
New technologies and materials improving the acoustic parameters of rooms.
Modernization of historic buildings in the aspect of reinforcement of ceiling structures. Methods of reinforcing masonry structures in historic buildings.
Plate ceilings, monolithic, and ribbed. Installation and design guidelines.
Modeling of building structures and documentation of construction projects in terms of BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Diary of construction works in court proceedings, rules for making entries to protect an independent technical function in construction.
Renovation problems of chimneys. Reinforced concrete and brick chimneys. Steel chimneys.
Garages and parkings – design solutions, execution solutions – operational problems and execution problems.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) – project management for managers.
Modern surveying methods of inventory building.
Construction grounds and building failures.
Methods of strengthening construction land in the aspect of newly erected and neighboring objects.
Prefabricated housing.
Significant changes in the Construction Law introduced in 2018/2019.
Legal requirements in the employment of foreigners against the background of the European and Polish market.
Fire protection of the facades. Fire protection requirements for interior finishing elements.
Fire protection of building structures.
BIM solutions in the investment process
Designing and safe execution of construction works below the ground surface, especially in urbanized areas
Protection of deep excavations and linear excavations
Practical aspects of keeping a log of construction and documentation of health and safety at the construction site
RODO in practice
Modern wooden structures with elements of their connections (fittings and connectors)
Principles and methods of strengthening construction structures of various types – wooden constructions.
The principles and ways of strengthening the construction of various types of construction – steel structures
Technical specifications of the performance and acceptance of construction works. The amount of work. Investment cost estimate.
New technological and material solutions in geotechnics.
Principles of making repairs and reinforcements of soil substratum using injection techniques.
Construction contracts in the light of performing an independent technical function in construction industry
Principles of making reinforcements and protections of building objects using injection techniques
Acknowledgment for work in the commission of construction processes of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Civil Engineers in 2014-2018
Renovation and repair of balconies.
Repair and maintenance of balconies and loggias. Conditions of use.
Principles and methods of strengthening building structures of various types – part II masonry structures
Significant changes in the Construction Law introduced in 2017/2018.
Duties and responsibilities of the site manager in the light of the amended provisions of the Construction Law.
Concrete as a construction product on the construction site, required documents.
Monolithic works in conditions of high and low temperatures.
Surfaces of cobblestones. Technical conditions for the implementation, drainage of large surfaces.
Industrial floors. Methods of repairs of concrete floors
Technical specifications of the execution and acceptance of construction works in the light of the tendering procedure.
Clearance of construction works on the basis of investor’s cost estimates and post-construction cost estimates.
Energy-saving construction – passive. Technological problems of installation and electrical equipment.
Influence of building shape on heat loss.
Principles and methods of strengthening building structures
Green roofs – new materials and construction solutions.
Mycology – selected issues.Causes of fungal attacks in buildings and methods of combating them.
The most important changes in the law on construction products that apply from 1 January 2017
Design and secure of excavation works, especially in urban areas, including issues related to very deep excavations and linear excavations.
Pre-failure states of reinforced concrete structures, structural methods of their reinforcement according to the indications of the Eurocodes.
Conference fire safety in construction.
Fire protection of production and warehouse buildings on the example of polyurethane production plant.
Significant changes in construction law introduced in 2016 and 2017. The philosophy of success in the construction industry and career.
Insurance in the aspect of liquidation of damages in civil liability Selected issues of Public Procurement Law.
Responsibility of engineers performing independent technical functions in the construction industry in the light of applicable laws.
Exercises / practical solutions / – drawing up contracts for the design, construction supervision and construction management
Independent technical functions in the construction industry – the current problems of the legal profession of public trust.
Exercises / practical solutions / – drawing up contracts for the design, construction supervision and construction management
Chimneys, fireplaces, pipes connecting them together. Legal regulations, technical conditions, health and safety and fire protection.
Intelligent cladding of external walls.
1.Intumescent profiles and sealing tapes ensuring sealing of building structures
2.Cladding and flooring made from traditional tiles and large format tiles. Mistakes in the designing and construction.
1.New material solutions in geotechnics.
2.Engineering solutions of bearing structures of building partitions according to the existing fire protection requirements.
1. The use of solar energy. Examples of uses of photovoltaic cells and solar panels.
2. Energy-efficient construction and passive construction – technological problems.
1. New directions of development of prefabrication in construction.
2. Common bearing walls – design solutions, law and technical aspects.
1. Roof trusses – old and new wooden constructions, renovations, construction and design according to the Eurocodes.
2. Effective impregnation for wood, concrete, masonry and plaster – protection against biological corrosion.
1. Recycling in the construction industry – waste at the construction site under the relevant legislation.
2. Application of the rules on the protection of the environment including the protection of nature in the construction investment process.
1.Special concrete reinforced by composite fibers (steel fibers, polymer fibers, glass fibers, polypropylene fibers) 2.Emergency states of reinforced concrete structures. Design ways to strengthen them by indications of Eurocodes
1.Comparison of energy-saving insulation of external walls in technical and economic aspects. 2.Insulation of attics and roofs – material solutions in thermal and acoustic insulation
Training. Building information modeling – Introduction to BIM.
Training. Basic first aid training.
Training. Basic first aid training.
Training. Independent technical functions in the construction industry in the light of new legal arrangements. The criterion for the selection of offers, the abnormally low price, labor costs higher than the minimum wage, indexation of contracts after the amendment of the Public Procurement Law.
Training. Days of technical safety in the Technical Inspection Office.
Training. Safe operation of transport equipment – equipment operated on site.
Training. The role of the engineer in the FIDIC contracts. The problem of FIDIC contract conditions in
practice in the construction process. Responsibilities and powers of employers and employees in Health & Safety on the construction site.
Training. Periodic controls of buildings – with the rules and their implementation in reality. The amendment of the Act of 16 April 2004 on construction products. Adaptation of national rules concerning the marketing of construction products marked with the construction sign to the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union 305/2011.
Training. Repair and protection of water tanks intended for human consumption by cement mortars. Floors on low-bearing soils in objects with large area. The methods of dilatation.
Training. Construction project – a document necessary for the realization of a building and as-built documentation according to current regulations. Changes in regulations related to the investment process in construction branch.
Training. Industrial floors: rules for the implementation, mistakes and their removal.
Training. Seminar – fire protection systems SCHUCO in Bielefeld – Germany
Training. Time management training.