usługa inwestora zastępczego

We offer the service of the Substitute Investor.

The Substitute Investor service consists of representing the Investor carrying out the construction investment during the entire construction process. Both in the case of execution in the “design and build” or “build” formula, we are ready to undertake such a task. Replacement Investor is a significant facilitator for the Investor as it coordinates the whole process of investment execution as for Investors dealing with their business matters is very important. Secondly, such a method of carrying out a construction investment brings significant financial benefits. Much bigger than the contract with the General Contractor.

Selection of contractors of individual works, tender offers, official matters related to the implementation of the investment and other elements of the process are the responsibility of the Substitute Investor. Conducting a construction contract in this form apart from Substitute Investor also includes the entire full-scope project team, the Construction Manager’s Service and the Supervision Inspector including all construction branches. Recently, more and more Investors are convinced of such a formula for realization of construction investments due to the costs.