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SBS is a reliable and trusted partner in the comprehensive execution of logistics investment projects. At every stage of constructing large industrial halls for logistics purposes, we address the specific goals and needs of the Investor, operating in accordance with the highest industry standards. We ensure that investments are carried out efficiently, on schedule, safely, and with a thorough understanding of unique technological needs. Our strategic approach to task execution at every stage of the investment translates into tangible benefits for the Investor.
Effective Use of Capital and Acceleration of Business Goals
Our experience in managing large-scale logistics hall construction projects enables us to optimally utilize the investor’s capital.
Increased Operational Efficiency – Latest Technologies
Access to the latest technologies allows for full process optimization, resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency compared to traditional methods, thereby reducing operational costs.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Enables 3D presentation of the object with data on individual elements.

Supports progress monitoring, error identification, and collision detection during the design phase, reducing project time and costs.

Assists the general contractor in effective project management, facilitating subcontractor collaboration and precise cost monitoring.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitors construction conditions like humidity, temperature, and structural stresses.

Provides real-time data to the construction supervision team, speeding up decision-making and hazard elimination.

Allows the general contractor to monitor process efficiency, optimize logistics, and manage resources.

Laser Scanning Technologies

Accurately collects data on terrain topography and existing structures, aiding precise construction planning.

Ensures quality control, structural analysis, and monitoring of object deformations.

Supports the preparation of realistic construction plans and verifies work compliance with the project.

Project Management Platforms

Efficiently manages project documentation, team communication, and progress monitoring.

Provides access to current information, schedules, and reports, reducing response time to changes or issues.

A tool for effective planning, resource management, and communication with the entire project team.

Augmented Reality (AR)

3D project visualization aids in understanding space, identifying potential issues, and assessing project compliance.

Controls the impact of individual elements on the building’s functionality and aesthetics.

Integrates AR and VR with project management systems for real-time information exchange, improving communication and understanding of complex construction issues among engineers, construction supervision, and the general contractor.

Construction of a Logistics Center – Effective Risk Management

Effective risk management is a crucial part of the engineering strategy in constructing large-scale logistics halls. Identifying, assessing, and coordinating potential threats ensure optimal project outcomes both technically and economically.
Risk Management Elements
Early-stage risk analysis

Precise identification of engineering threats

Project flexibility to adapt to changing conditions

Utilization of modern technologies

Coordination of the engineering team

Monitoring and reporting

Implementing strategies to minimize risk impacts


By tailoring services to the unique requirements of each investment, you can be confident that together we create strategies and actions that lead your project to success.


Our extensive experience from real logistics projects allows us to deliver practical and effective solutions that provide measurable benefits.

Comprehensive Services

Our offer includes a full range of services, from investor supervision to technical expertise, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and time savings.


We create partnerships where your goals become our priorities. We provide support, knowledge, and solutions that strengthen your position in the logistics industry.

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Investor Supervision in the Logistics Sector

Our company offers comprehensive investor supervision for logistics projects. Our experienced team oversees every investment stage, ensuring deadlines, quality, and plan compliance. We aim to provide investors with peace of mind and confidence that their logistics projects are in good hands.

Site Manager for Logistics Investments

Our experienced site managers specialize in logistics facilities, managing work crews to ensure efficiency and timely completion. As experts in construction logistics, we turn project plans into reality, delivering solid and functional facilities.

General Contractor for Halls

As a general contractor, we handle logistics projects from start to finish. We provide complete construction solutions, from design to final finishes, ensuring smooth and budget-compliant execution for logistics investors.

Construction Cost Estimate for Halls

Our cost estimation specialists prepare detailed estimates for logistics projects. With precise calculations, investors gain a clear picture of total investment costs, allowing for budget optimization.

Technical Opinions and Expertise for the Logistics Sector

We provide technical opinions and expertise for logistics facilities. Our experts conduct thorough inspections and assessments, delivering essential information on technical conditions and necessary modernizations or improvements.

Design and Build

Our “Design and Build” service offers a comprehensive solution for logistics investors. We handle the entire process, from design to construction coordination to project completion, ensuring an efficient and reliable path to logistics project realization.

Construction Management

Our experienced construction managers are key to the effective execution of logistics projects. They oversee work crews, ensuring project compliance and timeliness, providing investors with confidence in the project’s success.

Professional Solutions for Various Facilities

We offer professional construction solutions tailored to various logistics facilities. We collaborate with logistics investors, providing comprehensive construction services for facilities such as:
1. Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Modern, efficient distribution centers and warehouses that optimize logistics processes.

2. Transport Terminals
Construction of transfer terminals for effective goods and passenger transport management.

3. Production Halls

Projects tailored to industrial production, enabling smooth production and storage.

4. Port and Airport Facilities

Development of infrastructure for ports, airports, and container terminals, meeting specialized transport requirements.

5. Logistics Centers and Cross-Docking

Creation of logistics centers and cross-docking facilities crucial for efficient goods distribution.

6. Logistics Parks

Design and construction of logistics parks, providing space for various logistics and warehouse companies.

Our services continuously adapt to the dynamic needs of the logistics industry. Our team of experienced specialists and deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver construction solutions that meet the highest quality and efficiency standards. With our support, logistics investors can confidently execute their projects and ensure success.

In the logistics sector, we offer comprehensive support to help you effectively realize your project. Our team of experts will tailor our offer to your individual needs and guarantee the success of your venture. We are ready to help you achieve your goals in the logistics industry.

Professional Service for Foreign Investors

We understand that construction investments often attract international clients, so we focus on providing professional service in English and German.


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