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We offer a comprehensive approach, encompassing the entire investment cycle – from creating the architectural and technical design to the final construction execution.
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What is the Design & Build system?

The Design & Build system is a modern organizational model in the construction industry, based on a comprehensive approach to the investment process. In this system, the investor entrusts one company (the general contractor) with both creating the design and carrying out the construction. This integration aims to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and streamline the overall investment process.

In the Design & Build model, the general contractor not only creates a project that meets the investor’s expectations but also oversees all aspects of implementation. This includes purchasing materials, conducting construction work, and coordinating various stages. This approach avoids potential conflicts between different entities and ensures consistency in the investment process.

The Design & Build system is particularly attractive to investors who value the fluidity and coherence of the investment process. This model allows better project control, shorter completion times, and potential cost optimization. However, the key aspect is selecting a trusted and competent general contractor who guarantees high quality and timely project completion.

When to Use the Design & Build Model?

The “Design & Build” approach is used when an investor seeks a more integrated and efficient method for executing construction projects. This organizational model is particularly useful when the investor wants to avoid potential complications and conflicts among various entities involved in the investment process.

The “Design & Build” system is applicable in many situations, such as:


  1. Time Optimization: When there is a need to shorten the project timeline by simultaneously planning and building. This leads to a more efficient work schedule.
  2. Risk Minimization: By entrusting the entire project to a single general contractor, the risk of conflicts and project instability is reduced.
  3. Convenience for the Investor: Investors who want to limit their involvement in project management choose this formula because it transfers more responsibility to the general contractor.
  4. Project Consistency and Integrity: In situations where maintaining consistency and harmony between design and construction is crucial, this organizational form can be beneficial.
  5. Simplified Communication: For investors who prefer a single point of contact and management, “Design & Build” can simplify the communication and coordination process.
  6. Cost Optimization: For some projects, this organizational form can lead to savings through better resource utilization and collaboration during the design and construction phases.

The “Design & Build” formula is applied in scenarios where the investor seeks a cohesive, integrated approach that minimizes risk and accelerates the investment process.

Why Choose the Design & Build Approach??

The “Design & Build” formula is gaining popularity in the construction industry for its integrated and efficient approach. This model entrusts the general contractor with full responsibility for the project, from design to final construction, avoiding the need for coordination between various contractors and allowing the investor to focus on key aspects of the investment.

The “Design & Build” system is applicable to various projects, including residential and commercial buildings, public infrastructure, and industrial facilities. Examples include constructing shopping centers, sports complexes, and expanding road or energy infrastructure. For investors seeking effective execution and achievement of investment goals, the “Design & Build” formula is an attractive and effective solution.

Design & Build – Comprehensive Support in the Polish Market

The “Design & Build” service is also an excellent support for foreign investors looking to invest in Poland. As an experienced partner in the construction field, we are well-versed in the unique aspects of the Polish construction market. We have knowledge of applicable regulations and local standards, enabling us to effectively tailor investment strategies to the specifics of this market.

Our ability to communicate in English and German is a crucial element of our offer. We understand that clear and effective communication is essential for investment success, especially for foreign investors. This allows us to ensure you fully understand the process, resolve any doubts, and provide current information at every stage of the project. Our long-standing experience in design and construction will help you achieve your investment goals in Poland efficiently and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Design & Build – Cost of Services

The cost of the “Design & Build” system depends on many factors, such as the project, location, and investor preferences. We offer competitive prices, considering the entire process from design to construction. Choosing this formula brings many benefits – the single responsibility of the general contractor minimizes risk and ensures process efficiency. We shorten timeframes and enable cost optimization while maintaining high quality.

The cornerstone of our services is comprehensive knowledge, negotiation experience, and support in adapting the project to market expectations and standards. The costs incurred by the investor for the Design & Build service are an investment in a successfully completed project. Collaboration with experts guarantees smooth project execution, conflict elimination, and risk minimization.

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