Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame construction is gaining increasing popularity due to a range of advantages, primarily its outstanding efficiency.

By providing comprehensive engineering solutions in the field of investments related to this innovative type of construction, we support clients in achieving success in various construction projects.

With our professional approach and understanding of the specifics of timber frame construction, we are able to tailor our services to the individual needs of clients. Our team of experienced experts ensures full project supervision, ensuring timeliness, quality, and efficiency. We collaborate closely with investors, giving them confidence that their investments are in the hands of professionals. We specialize in the Steico system.

Speed of Project Execution

Timber frame constructions enable quick assembly, reducing construction time and allowing for faster delivery of the facility for use.

Design Flexibility

Thanks to the lightweight and durable materials, timber frame construction allows for creative design freedom, adapting to various forms and functions of structures.

Energy Efficiency

Timber frame constructions are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, resulting in energy savings and lower operating costs.

Easy Modifiability

Timber frame systems enable easy modifications and upgrades to the structure during its operation.

Sustainable Development

The use of lightweight and durable materials aligns with the concept of eco-friendly construction, reducing environmental impact.

Investment Costs

Timber frame construction often entails lower investment costs due to the efficiency of the construction process and waste reduction.


Timber frame constructions are resistant to weather conditions, resulting in their long-term durability and minimal maintenance costs.

Uniqueness and Aesthetics

Timber frame construction allows for the realization of innovative and aesthetic projects, satisfying diverse investor expectations.

Structural Safety

The lightweight nature of timber frame constructions is coupled with their strength, ensuring structural safety of the facility.

Material Availability

Materials used in timber frame construction are widely available, facilitating project planning and implementation.

The Right Partner for Timber Frame Construction

We offer comprehensive support to investors planning timber frame construction projects. Our knowledge and experience in this area allow us to provide full assistance at every stage of the investment, from project conception to the final delivery of the facility for use.

Individual Tailoring to Client Needs:

Our professional approach to timber frame construction allows us to flexibly customize our services to meet the unique needs of the investor.

Full Project Supervision:

A team of experienced experts provides full project supervision, ensuring timeliness, quality, and efficiency in all activities.

Investment Success Guarantee:

Regardless of the project’s scale or type of facility, our comprehensive support ensures the success of timber frame construction investments.

Partnership in Achieving Goals:

We are ready to be an investment partner, enabling the achievement of intended goals in the most efficient and professional manner.

Regardless of the scale or nature of your construction project, our comprehensive support ensures the success of your timber frame investments. We stand prepared to serve as your essential investment ally, facilitating the realization of your objectives with utmost efficiency and professionalism. Reach out to us today to initiate a discussion about your project and discover the extensive opportunities we bring to the table.

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Our timber frame construction investment service offers full flexibility in tailoring the project to your requirements.


With numerous successful timber frame construction projects under our belt, we guarantee a professional approach and the assurance of your investment’s success.


We provide comprehensive support at every stage of your timber frame construction investment – from project inception to execution.


We are your partner at every stage of your investment. Together, we will achieve success in your timber frame construction project.

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Construction Supervision

Our role in the field of construction supervision is not only to oversee the progress of work but also to respond to changes and challenges that may arise during the construction of engineering facilities based on timber frame technology. Equipped with knowledge and experience, our team of specialists monitors the construction process at every stage, ensuring that all work is carried out according to plan and meets the highest quality standards.

Construction Manager

An experienced construction manager not only coordinates workers and subcontractors on the construction site but also acts as a liaison between the investor and contractors. Their main goal is to ensure that each stage of construction is carried out in accordance with the project, building regulations, and quality standards. As a professional construction company, we understand how crucial proper management of the construction process is, especially in the case of advanced technologies such as timber frame construction.

General Contractor

As a general contractor, we take full responsibility for the implementation of timber frame construction projects. Our role includes not only construction but also project management from planning to completion. This allows the investor to focus on their main objectives, while we ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Construction Cost Estimation

Accurate construction cost estimation is a key element of the success of an investment project. Our company provides precise cost estimates that help investors plan their budget accurately. Taking into account the specifics of timber frame technology and various types of engineering facilities, we are able to estimate costs reliably and transparently.

Technical Opinions and Expertise

Reliable technical opinions and expertise are essential to ensure that the project meets all required standards and regulations. We act as an independent assessing body, ensuring compliance with technical standards and construction safety. Our knowledge and experience allow investors to avoid potential problems and guarantee that the project will be carried out to the highest standards.

Substitute Investor

Our role as a substitute investor is to represent the interests of the investor at every stage of construction. We act on their behalf, ensuring that all decisions are made in line with their expectations and needs. This allows the investor to focus on their strategic goals, while we take care of the operational aspects of the project.

Design and Build

We offer comprehensive “design and build” solutions, which means that the investor can entrust us not only with construction but also with design. This approach allows for coherent and efficient project management of engineering projects based on timber frame technology, eliminating potential discrepancies between design and execution.

Site Management

Our team of site managers plays a key role in overseeing and organizing work on the construction site. Their experience and knowledge are essential for maintaining timeliness and quality of work performed.

Timber Frame Construction – an Innovative Construction Methodi

Timber Frame Construction – an Innovative Construction Method

Timber frame construction is an advanced structural technique that serves as a key component in many modern construction projects. It involves the use of a load-bearing framework, which serves as the main structure of the building. This construction method brings many benefits and finds application in various types of structures.

Multi-level residential buildings: Timber frame construction is often chosen for the construction of apartment buildings. It allows for efficient use of space and the creation of multiple units on different levels.

Industrial halls: Large production halls, warehouses, or logistics centers are often built using timber frame technology. This allows for the quick and economical construction of large spaces.

Office buildings: Multi-story office buildings often utilize timber frame construction due to its flexibility and ability to easily arrange office space.

Public utility facilities: Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, or cultural centers can be successfully built using timber frame technology, enabling the rapid and efficient realization of the project.

Single-family homes: Modern, energy-efficient single-family homes are also constructed using timber frame technology. This construction method allows for quick construction and also enables the adaptation of the project to the investor’s individual needs.

The beginning is a conversation about the project
We offer a wide range of construction services, which are key to the success of your venture. Our experienced team of specialists ensures that your projects are carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.

Contact us today so that we can work together towards the success of your timber frame construction project.

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Full-service construction investment management
Supervision Inspector
We offer comprehensive investment supervision services covering a wide range of activities, including quality control, work scheduling, budget supervision, and coordination of various specialists. We provide full protection of the investor’s interests at every stage of the construction project


Construction Manager
We provide an experienced construction manager who meticulously oversees construction processes, ensuring harmony, timeliness, and quality, while also minimizing investment risk and uncertainty.


General Contractor
As a general contractor, we comprehensively manage the construction process, integrating various aspects of the project. With a professional approach, we eliminate potential complications, saving time and resources.


Construction Cost Estimation
Before commencing the project, we provide detailed construction cost estimates, ensuring accurate cost estimation. This is a key element of financial planning, contributing to effective budget allocation.


Technical Opinions and Expertise

Nasze opinie i ekspertyzy techniczne stanowią niezawodne wsparcie w procesie decyzyjnym. Oferujemy rzetelną ocenę techniczną, umożliwiającą podejmowanie świadomych wyborów w kontekście inwestycji.


Inwestor zastępczy

Jako inwestor zastępczy, reprezentujemy Twoje interesy na każdym etapie inwestycji. Zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę, minimalizując Twoje zaangażowanie operacyjne i zapewniając skuteczne zarządzanie projektem.


Zaprojektuj i wybuduj

Oferujemy usługę projektowania i budowy, przenosząc Twoje koncepcje w rzeczywistość. Nasz zespół zrealizuje Twój projekt od wstępnych szkiców po finalne wykonanie, gwarantując spójność i jakość.


Kierownictwo robót

Nasze doświadczenie w kierowaniu robotami budowlanymi gwarantuje sprawną realizację prac zgodnie z normami i harmonogramem. Zapewniamy solidność i dokładność w każdym etapie.