Production and Industry

SBS is a trusted partner in constructing large-scale industrial halls for production, logistics, commercial, and warehouse purposes. We ensure that each stage of the project aligns with the specific goals and needs of the investor, adhering to the highest industry standards. Our focus is on efficient, timely, and safe project execution, with a thorough understanding of the unique technological and production requirements. Additionally, we coordinate construction with the installation of the facility’s technology, ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

Support for Industrial Construction

By leveraging advanced technologies and a team of highly qualified and experienced experts, we ensure smooth operations from concept to completed structure. Our efforts translate into tangible benefits for the investor.

Priority Benefit for the Investor

Enhanced Efficiency and Timeliness
Innovative Technologies
Utilizing the latest technologies in project management allows us to continuously monitor progress, identify potential issues, and quickly respond to changes. This enables us to adapt to dynamic construction conditions and maintain the project timeline.
Comprehensive Project Managementi
From analyzing the investor’s needs, through design, to execution and handover, our comprehensive approach means the investor has a single partner managing the entire process, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple subcontractors.
Extensive Team of Specialists
Our qualified and experienced team includes experts in various fields of industrial construction. We have engineers, architects, project managers, and safety specialists, allowing us to approach every aspect of the investment comprehensively.

Priority Benefit for the Investor

Safety and Timeliness of Investment

Industry Experience

Our experience allows us to effectively anticipate all types of risks and respond quickly to problem situations. We monitor every stage of the project, plan the team’s work, and effectively respond to any potential delays, ensuring timely completion.

Priority Benefit for the Investor

Risk Reduction and Cost Optimization:

Professional Project Management

Our approach ensures the most efficient use of resources, optimizing investment costs. We meticulously plan each stage, eliminating unnecessary costs to keep the project within budget.

Priority Benefit for the Investor

Central Point of Contact

Streamlined Communication

The investor collaborates with a single partner who tracks progress, answers questions, and responds to all project-related needs, reducing potential misunderstandings.

Priority Benefit for the Investor

Guarantee of Operational Stability and Compliance with the Highest Industry Standards

Safety and Compliance

Our constructions meet stringent safety and fire standards, with materials selected for the type of activity, building structure adapted to its purpose, and detailed analysis of load-bearing structures. These standards form the foundation of safety in implementing industrial facilities.

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Kierownik budowy

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By tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each industrial and manufacturing project, we ensure that together we create strategies and actions that drive your development project to success.


Our extensive experience gained from various industrial construction projects allows us to deliver practical and effective solutions that bring measurable benefits.

Comprehensive Services

Our offerings encompass a full range of services, from investor supervision to technical expertise, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and time savings.


We establish partnership-based relationships where your goals become our priorities. We provide support, knowledge, and solutions that strengthen your position in the industrial construction sector.


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Investor Supervision in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

Our experienced investor supervision team is a crucial element in ensuring that every industrial and manufacturing project proceeds according to plan. We monitor progress, quality, and timelines, ensuring full compliance with investor expectations.

Construction Manager for Investments

Our construction managers are not only experts in managing construction projects but also specialists in their respective industries. We focus on coordinated project execution, ensuring precise implementation of architectural and technical plans.

General Contractor for Industrial Halls

As a general contractor, we offer comprehensive construction solutions from design to completion. With our extensive experience in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, we deliver comprehensive and efficient building solutions.

Construction Cost Estimation

We prepare accurate and professional construction cost estimates, helping investors plan budgets precisely and avoid unexpected costs during project execution.

Technical Opinions and Expert Reports for the Industrial Sector

Our technical opinions and expert reports are essential for ensuring that every project element meets the highest quality and safety standards, which is critical in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Substitute Investor (Project Manager) During Construction

If external support is needed, we act as a substitute investor, safeguarding your interests at every project stage. Our experience allows us to manage risks effectively and execute the project according to your vision, making your goals our priority.

Design and Build Formula for the Industrial Sector

Our “Design and Build” model is an effective approach that allows investors in the industrial and manufacturing sectors to access comprehensive construction services, from project concept to final completion, minimizing risks and improving efficiency.

Professional Solutions for Various Industrial Facilities

The industrial and manufacturing sectors combine innovation with solid foundations. Our company understands the diversity of facilities and constructions in these fields, requiring different approaches and specialized knowledge. Therefore, we offer comprehensive construction services tailored to the most critical types of facilities in these industries. From efficient production plants to strategic logistics centers, we are ready to provide solutions that form a robust foundation for the development and modernization of the industry.
1. Production Facilities

Our construction services cater to various production facilities, from factories and industrial plants to production halls of different sizes. Regardless of the scale of your project, we are ready to deliver comprehensive construction solutions that meet your expectations.

2. Warehouses and Distribution Centers

We support the construction of warehouses and distribution centers, crucial elements of industrial logistics. Our company offers expertise in designing and building efficient and functional warehouse facilities tailored to your needs.

3. Industrial Buildings and Factories

Industrial buildings and factories require precise planning and execution. Our team of specialists understands these needs and offers comprehensive support to ensure effective project implementation, from new constructions to the modernization of existing facilities.

4. Manufacturing Plants

We specialize in providing comprehensive construction services for manufacturing plants across various sectors, including food production, chemicals, and electronics. Our knowledge and experience allow us to tailor our solutions to your plant’s unique requirements.

5. Logistics Facilities

The industrial and manufacturing sectors often require efficient logistics centers. We design and build logistics facilities of various sizes and specifications, optimizing logistical and distribution processes.

6. Energy Structures

In the energy sector, we offer support in constructing power plants, cogeneration plants, and facilities related to energy production. Our technical expertise ensures professional project execution in this critical sector.

7. Heavy Industry Facilities

Heavy industry, including steel mills and the chemical industry, requires a specialized approach. We provide comprehensive construction services in this sector, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Początek to rozmowa o projekcie

Initiate your industrial and production investment by discussing it with us. Our experienced team provides professional support to help you determine the optimal approach for your project implementation.

Contact us via the form, and our experts will reach out to learn more about your project details and prepare a personalized offer tailored to your needs.

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Pełna obsługa inwestycji budowlanych
Inspektor nadzoru
Oferujemy pełnobranżowy nadzór inwestorski, który obejmuje szeroki zakres działań, w tym kontrolę jakości, harmonogramowanie prac, nadzór nad budżetem, oraz koordynację działań różnych specjalistów. Zapewniamy kompleksową ochronę interesów inwestora na każdym etapie projektu budowlanego.


Kierownik budowy

Dostarczamy doświadczonego kierownika budowy, który precyzyjnie zarządza procesami budowlanymi, zapewniając harmonię, terminowość i jakość, a także minimalizując ryzyko i niepewność inwestycyjną.


Generalny wykonawca

Jako generalny wykonawca, kompleksowo zarządzamy procesem budowy, integrując różnorodne aspekty projektu. Dzięki profesjonalnemu podejściu eliminujemy potencjalne komplikacje, oszczędzając czas i środki.


Kosztorys budowlany

Przed rozpoczęciem projektu dostarczamy dokładne kosztorysy budowlane, zapewniające rzetelne oszacowanie kosztów. To kluczowy element planowania finansowego, przyczyniający się do skutecznej alokacji budżetu.


Opinie i ekspertyzy techniczne

Nasze opinie i ekspertyzy techniczne stanowią niezawodne wsparcie w procesie decyzyjnym. Oferujemy rzetelną ocenę techniczną, umożliwiającą podejmowanie świadomych wyborów w kontekście inwestycji.


Inwestor zastępczy

Jako inwestor zastępczy, reprezentujemy Twoje interesy na każdym etapie inwestycji. Zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę, minimalizując Twoje zaangażowanie operacyjne i zapewniając skuteczne zarządzanie projektem.


Zaprojektuj i wybuduj

Oferujemy usługę projektowania i budowy, przenosząc Twoje koncepcje w rzeczywistość. Nasz zespół zrealizuje Twój projekt od wstępnych szkiców po finalne wykonanie, gwarantując spójność i jakość.


Kierownictwo robót

Nasze doświadczenie w kierowaniu robotami budowlanymi gwarantuje sprawną realizację prac zgodnie z normami i harmonogramem. Zapewniamy solidność i dokładność w każdym etapie.