Construction manager is the most responsible function in the construction process. We provide construction management services for large construction projects and for private construction.

In the case of large construction projects, we offer full cooperation with the investor, the supervisor, the design team and the coordination of all work on the construction site from the start of works on site to obtain a building permit to use.

Acting as construction manager for private construction is not limited to the entries in the site book and an entry on the site information board which is common practice in the market. Construction of single-family home is often an investment for life, and mostly financed by a bank loan so the control building at least once a week is our standard.

Additionally, we offer to the investor control structure and other components at the construction site, technical consulting, preparation of relevant documents to the District Building Supervision Inspectorate (Building Police), help in the selection of subcontractors and later control and coordination them during the works. For the control on the construction site we have the proper control and measurement equipment. Most of the construction market say that only the third house investor build for himself – it is true where the implementation of home construction is done without proper supervision and control on the site.